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Routings and Timetables

One of my goals on this site is to collect a database of routings that the VC10 flew. To start I've compiled two timetables from BOAC, showing the services for the summers of 1966 and 1968 ,an Air Malawi route map and a Gulf Air timetable. I'm hoping to add more in the future, so please get in touch if you have a timetable from a later date, or another operator, to share.

Air Malawi Route Map

This route map shows the routes served by Air Malawi. It is safe to assume that the longer trips were done with their single VC10 7Q-YKH which is also featured on the front of the brochure.

BOAC 1966 Summer Timetable

This timetable was published for the general public to enable them to plan their trips. It is worth a look for the various VC10 ads at the bottom of some of the pages. The timetable also includes the 707 schedules. When a route was flown with a VC10, the timetable doesn't tell us whether it was a Super or Standard VC10 unfortunately.

Page 1 United Kingdom - U.S.A.
Page 2 U.S.A. - United Kingdom
Page 3 United Kingdom - Canada
Page 4 United Kingdom - U.S.A. - Japan - Hong Kong
Page 5 United Kingdom - (U.S.A.) - Caribbean - South America
Page 6 U.S.A. & Canada - Bermuda - Bahamas - West Indies
Page 7 United Kingdom - Europe - Middle & Far East - Australia - Fiji - U.S.A. - U.K. (Round the world service)
Page 8 Australia - Far & Middle East - Europe - U.K. - U.S.A. - Fiji - Australia (Round the world service)
Page 9 United Kingdom - Europe - Middle East - Far East
Page 10 United Kingdom - Europe - Middle East - Far East (continued)
Page 11 Far East - Middle East - Europe - United Kingdom
Page 12 Far East - Middle East - Europe - United Kingdom (continued)
Page 13 U.K. - Europe - Libya, U.A.R. & Sudan - East, Central & South Africa
Page 14 U.K. - East, Central & South Africa (continued)

BOAC leaflets for services from Amsterdam

These brochures were printed to promote services to the USA from Amsterdam, via London.

'Daily flights by VC10 to Boston - Chicago - Detroit.' Including connecting flights from Amsterdam with a BEA Trident.

'Direct services from London to eight cities in North America.' Including connecting flights with KLM or BEA.

BOAC 1968 Summer Timetable

The timetables below are from the BOAC Operations Navigation Manual. This means that they were for BOAC internal use. Because of this they are split up into two sections covering the Standard and Super VC10 routes. It is interesting to see that the Super and Standard versions were mixed on some routes, there was no area that seemed to be exclusively covered by one version.

Standard VC10:

Page 1 London - Singapore
Page 2 Singapore - London
Page 3 Singapore - London (continued)
Page 4 London - Johannesburg
Page 5 Mauritius/Johannesburg - London
Page 6 London - Mauritius
Page 7 Tripoli - London
Page 8 London - Lagos
Page 9 Lagos - London
Page 10 London - New York
Page 11 New York - London
Page 12 London - Detroit
Page 13 Detroit - London

Super VC10:

Page 1 London - Singapore
Page 2 Singapore - London
Page 3 London - Johannesburg
Page 4 Johannesburg - London
Page 5 London - Kingston/Lima
Page 6 Kingston - London
Page 7 London - Barbados
Page 8 Lima - London
Page 9 Barbados - Manchester
Page 10 London - Bogota
Page 11 Bogota - London
Page 12 London - Chicago
Page 13 Chicago - London

British Airways All Services Timetable no.1, 29 October 1978 - 31 March 1979

Download (15,3 Mb PDF)

Gulf Air Timetable 1st April 1975

This Middle-Eastern operator only flew the VC10 for a few years, but they made good use of that time. The timetable below shows the network as it was in April 1975 and includes the 'Golden Falcon' services operated by the VC10s.


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